Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sues Quilts

These Two Wonderful quilts are from a gal here in Colorado. She only quilts for her family and for herself, and she works full time as a pharmacist. I want her energy!!
They are just striking up close. I hope the pictures do them justice. Sue's sister is in my quilt guild, and that is how we suckered her in *grin*
Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday. All the Christmas decorations got taken down. Our house looks a little bit larger without the tree! We also tried a gluten free pizza dough from Authentic foods. It was really very good, although I needed to add more mix than was suggested. It made 2 large pizzas and the pizzas are ALL gone! No leftovers what so ever!
Good thing I had a huge salad and lots of apples sliced up....

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