Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finished Quilts

"Its springtime in the rockies", la la la la.... Okay - Not really. I know it is January - but it was 70 degrees yesterday. I opened windows. Its supposed to be 70 again today!! This is awesome. And I know, I am probably single-handedly jinxing it. We will get 17 batrillion feet of snow now. But I am going to enjoy this sunshine while it is here!


As you know - I have had a wonderful group of Longarmers volunteer to quilt some of these Quilt of Valor tops. And I am so appreciative. They have totally sped up the production of these quilts.


Today I am going to show you Three that Tammie in Maple Grove MN quilted. She owns Quilting Artisty.~
So the very top one comes from Barbara in Florida. Original Post


The Next one comes from the Livermore Quilters - from Barbara. She is a prolific quilter now. She had quilted before, now we have her addicted! And the Nine Patch quilt comes from Audrey - of the Livermore Quilters.


Tammy - Thank you for quilting these!

Last nite was my guild meeting. You should have seen me! I took a ton of quilts. Seriously - I think they weighed a ton! And my wonderful guild ladies took them home to bind. I think this is so cool how everyone is helping in any way they can. My son and I were talking about if it's even worth it to give $1 towards something, or should you wait until you have lots to give. He was thinking about the national debt ( big thoughs for a little kid) And I was so proud - I could use this project as a great example. If everyone waited till they had lots to give, we would have no quilts for any soldiers. But by giving what you can - look what we quilters have collectively amassed! My son, of course, said I used to many words - but he understood!


Stephanie D said...

70 degrees! So THAT's where our warm weather is! Send it back!!! lol

You're right Alycia--just like the old song about one candle in the darkness. Great job!

Mary Johnson said...

Well I'm sorry to say that Keith left for Florida today without you but it sounds like you're getting some FL weather's 9 degrees here and dropping fast.

Thanks for continuing to share photos of all the quilts and I love seeing and hearing about the soldiers receiving them too.