Saturday, January 24, 2009

Northwest Suburban Quilters Guild

Has made Illinois proud!! I got this HUGE box that my UPS man brought up, and even he was staggering a little. Don't tell him I said that - he may start making me come to the truck instead. But look at these beauties in that big box!!

Aren't these wonderful? But just so you know this was not ALL that was in the box. You will have to come back tomorrow to see the rest. I don't want to overwhelm your eyes with too much beauty at one time. Plus I have been told its time to cook dinner....


Thank you all for your concern about my little bug. He had a rough Thursday, and sore Friday Morning, but he is up an moving today - like a wild child! One thing I did learn though is that I really like my sleep. I had to wake him up all thru the nite on Thursday - and on Friday I needed a LOT more caffiene to stay awake!


Beth said...

Just lovely Alycia! I love the Tile Tango pattern that they used on some of the quilts!

You are getting so close to your goal!! That's wonderful!

Stephanie D said...

These are great!

I'm so glad the bug is feeling better!