Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Tuesday after..

There was snow yesterday, and apparently a lot of it. I never realize how lucky I am to live where I do, until I have to go into the "big city". My house, while out in the middle of nowhere, is actually right on a Highway. A state highway - but one none the less, that gets plowed... often, as the big rigs need it to be, so they can get our food to the stores. Anyways, my biggest challenge is getting to the highway - and then it is pretty smooth sailing. Unless you go into the "big city" where they have more traffic, and less places to put the plowed snow!


I got stuck behind lots of accidents... it slowed down my progress, a lot, and I had to be nice to everyone as we all fought for the lane of traffic. I won - I drive a big pick up - scares them little cars * evil grin* . Okay not really - I had my manners on.


I made it in time to meet up with all my girls! It was great. We bonded. I then met up with my other girl on the way home. She gave me some quilt tops for Quilts of Valor, from the girls she councils. Beautiful!! I shall never be bored. Okay - I wasn't ever worried about that anyways.


Okay - so the beautiful quilts in this post came from Illinois. From the Northwest Suburban Quilt Guild. They were some very very busy folks! And I am glad they were! I think they are all so beautiful. The one that really caught my eye was the stars in the 30's print on the black background.
Thank you NSQG for all the lovely quilts!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, those scrappy stars on black with the scrappy sashing. so who are "your girls"???

hope you're doing well. at least the sun is coming back out, right?