Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pillowcase Party Part 3

These are the rest of the pillowcases that have come in from our Pillowcase party! Boy - when these Heartstringers get to sewing -there is NO Stopping them!
This top photo that Blogger rotated funny is from Peggy T in NC. This gives you a totally different view of Pillowcases huh?
These 4 are from me. I made 10 that weekend and had more cut out, so I finally finished them yesterday - about time wouldn't you say?These 15 came all the way from the UK! Dianne made them and sent them over. Thanks Dianne!
These 16 are from Mary J - our fearless ring leader. She is in Minnesota... but doesn't have the MN accent yet.... just wait!
These 3 are from Marianne - they accompanied 2 quilts that she made and Mary Quilted - so you had better check back to see the quilts. After all this is a pillowcase post!These 15 are from Jackie M - She has also sent in some lovelyQuilts
These Two came in from Susan M in Massachusetts. Are you all impressed by the many locations that things come from? I certainly am!

This one is from Sue - and can you believe I forgot to write down the state - and of course have thrown away the packaging. So Sue.... if your out there - let us know where you are from. (please)

These 7 came from Betty E - again - I forgot to write down from where. But Just look at thse fabrics. I love them!
Actually I have really loved all the fabrics. I guess you could say I have never met a fabric I didnt like! But these were fun, the boys loved checking them out too. Entertained us for days. Okay - back to playing video games with the kids. We have thought about New Years Resolutions - and the only one they all agree on is that we need to eat more chocolate and play more video games.... kind of suspicious - don't ya think??


Mary Johnson said...

The Pillowcase Party was fun! It's been fun watching you get closer to your goal.

Anonymous said...

Had fun seeing my pillowcases on your blog. Just wanted you to know this Susan is from MA (Massachusetts, not Maine). It's cold and snowy enough here that I don't need to be farther north in Maine-lol

Jessica said...

Hi Alycia,
I have three pillowcases made, 7 more cut and enough fabric for several more after that. I'm currently digging through the mess that is my quilting corner and once I *find* my sewing machine again, I'll get right on them!!! :)