Thursday, December 04, 2008

A snowy Thursday

The weather man said 1/2 an inch - I think he forgot to mention ... Per hour... we have had about 12 inches out here and it is still snowing. The kids have been praying for snow so we can use or sledding hill. They will be PLEASED!! I already shoveled the deck once, its someone elses turn soon *grin*

This quilt is one that Al Lind as seen here on youtube has made. He sent two for us to take to Fort Carson.

The next one that I finished is a Log Cabin From Barbara . I put lots of feathers on it!

Then - the beautiful quilt here on the right came from Maine! From Meg. She said she had made some sample blocks and voila - saw a quilt out of them. Thanks Meg! Its Beautiful.

Since it is that Christmas season - and you are supposed to have sweets around to hand out - Tuesday nite my kids and I decided to try Oreo Truffles. I had found the recipe on and thought I could probably make them. Ours are not anywhere near as pretty as hers - but they sure are yummy.

We had some dipping chocolate left over - hence the chocolate pretzels!

~Pre warning.... be sure to keep checking back.... there is a giveaway lurking in the shadows....


Amy said...

I hear ya about the snow,, I was supposed to go to Berthoud today, the quilt store there is closing... everything 50% off. the oreo truffles,, they may be like my bon-bons.. take oreos, cream cheese and dip? hope to see ya soon I have some pillowcases for ya

Dionne said...

Mmmmm Yummy... chocolate pretzels!