Friday, December 19, 2008

Pillowcase Party Part 2

More wonderful pillowcases! I tell you this party was a great party!! Because - even after this post there are MORE to show you!!!
These two patriotic ones are from Julia in Nebraska.

These bright ones - are from Rebecca T - I think she and I have some of the same fabric tastes! I love the brights and the swirlys!

The picture that blogger did not turn, or maybe it did turn - either way its funny... those pillowcases came from Liz in Washington. She also sent two quilts with there own pillowcases , so be sure to come back to see those!

And these patriotic pillowcases came from Barb B - She has sent in some quilts previously. So I thank you all for the great support.

Does anyone notice anything different in the pictures? This will test you observation skills.....
Have a good one, its time to head back to the quilting machine!


LizA. said...

Ooooh, pretty new leather couch. My next one will definitely be leather too!

JuJu said...

Alycia, just so the correct person gets the credit for making pillow cases, I, Julia, Lincoln, NE, did not send pillow cases from the Heartstrings party. But I love looking at what everyone did!! I will have another QoV for you, sometime in January. Julia, NE

Marie said...

When will the 09 quilts be delivered? Just curious. Have a great holiday!


Mary Johnson said...

A different sofa! It's great isn't it the participation we had for the Pillowcase Party.