Friday, December 12, 2008

A Quilting Connection

I had two wonderful Long Arm Quilters in Louisana contact me and offer to quilt some quilts. At the same time another wonderful gal offered to bind some quilts, but I wasn't sure how to work it out - shipping wise and all.... Turns out the binder (Carol) lives midway between the LongArmers ( Jessie and Loretta) and they all knew each other.... Coincidence?? I think not - I have this feeling we quilters are all connected some how - we just are slowly figuring it all out!!

So - These two quilts we made by my Livermore Ladies, and one was quilted by Jessie, and one was quilted by Loretta, both were bound by Carol.

Carol - she is part of a quilting group called the Stitch Witches. They have been quilting like crazy. These three are a few of the other quilts they sent me. I am very impressed and honored to be able to get these quilts to a soldier!

Thanks so much ladies!!

Have a great evening... and get something quilty in!


Amy said...

oooo I love the log cabin ones.. I love them all actually, hey by the time we hook up for a cinnamon roll I will have more pillowcases done... The quilt store is getting pretty picked over now.. monday is the bLOWOUT sale. prolly won't be much left.but it's ok I have enough fabric for few days. Have a great wknd

Stephanie D said...

Beautiful quilts! I really like that blue and white rail fence.

marilyn said...

alycia, I have a bunch of quilt tops done, but should I send them to you, or are there some long arm quilters who I could send them to instead to save you some postage? Your list of quilt tops isn't getting much shorter. I want to help out, but I can't really quilt the bigger sized quilts on my little setup. I also don't know anybody local who would quilt them for free for me.