Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where are all the quilts?

Time and Time again I have recieved emails wondering where I am keeping all the quilts? I will show you, but I have to tell you I kind feel like I am showing you what kind of underwear I am wearing.... it feels a little odd.


Now before you start picking on me, let me preface that my work space is kind of , well , um roomy. But there is a GOOD reason. See, before we built ( and by we built ,I mean me and wrangler man, with the occasional help of his sister and brother in law, my dad and mom, his dad and mom, and the cool guy from church) this house, we lived in a 900 square foot Mobile home. We being us and two children, and a business with 9 employees and a dog. And the dog was the size of a small horse. He frequently got shoved outside - we needed his spot to ship packages.


When planning this house - we planned to live in the upstairs and work in the downstairs - and it was a good plan. And then after being in the maternity business for 12 years I decided to sell the business and concentrate on Machine Quilting only.... Did you know I didn't need 9 employees, and a small day care area, and 32 thousand sewing machines? But please don't tell Wrangler Man - because I KEPT all the space. and I firmly believeI NEED that space - you can NOT convince me other wise.


So having all these quilts in my space just PROVES that I need it all - still - and I refuse to share! Yep - thats my story and I am sticking to it.... please do not squeal on me!
Okay - so here is the stack of quilts that have been completely finished, washed, recorded in my master journal and had a picture attached. The boxes underneath are full and then because the floor space is limited I started going up. The rocking chair - don't sit on it - it was my grandmas and is pretty rickety - but it looks nice next to all the quilts.

Now - this pile here on the chair - these are quilts that are awaiting their photograph to be printed. They have all been posted on my blog. All quilts must model for me! After the photos are printed, I put the quilts in their pillowcases, and attach the photo on the outside. If it is a female quilt it gets a pretty pink ribbon. Then I record it in my Master Journal. I pretty much do this every Saturday - today you caught me - I took the weekend off. There was shopping to do!

Want to see a pillowcased and photoed quilt? If you don't - close your eyes... ha ha! This quilt has its picture on the outside of the pillowcase and is a generic quilt - meaning it can go to any soldier - not just a female.
Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity ( Marilyn??? Did it??) and shows you how much all you hard work is coming together.
Gotta go - I am finishing up one of Barbaras Quilts of Valor - its yummy! Have a good one!


Jeanne said...

Wow! I hope you will take a picture before the '400' quilts leave your house.

Ruthie said...

I recognize that pillowcase in the last photo....I made that one.
Thanks for sharing your photos Alycia. I must admit that I have wondered where you were storing them.

marilyn said...

Is this space under your house? You guys in Colorado are so lucky to have basements! Out her in California, where the water table is so high, we would just end up with a giant swimming pool under the house, which would be cool too, but not very good for storing quilts.

Thanks Alycia for showing us your underwear. At least it was clean! You must have listened to your mother ;)

Vicki W said...

I knew you had to be super organized to pull this off!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I was wondering where you were storing all those quilts! And you're so organized too.

LizA. said...

It looks to me like you could sure do with a whole bunch of industrial shelving like Costco sells. Boy are you organized. I'm impressed.

Stephanie D said...

Wow, what a blessing to have such a large space and how generous of you to find this terrific way of using it!

Helen in the UK said...

Thank goodness you appear to be really organised with all these quilts. Funny, it never occured to me that you would have to store all those fantastic quilts you've been showing on your blog!!!!! Keep up the good work - YOU DO deserve all that space :)

Mary Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if you were being taken over by quilts.

I mailed 2 finished quilts (pieced by Marianne) with 3 pillowcases; and 16 pillowcases I made during the HS Pillowcase party today. I love seeing you progress toward your goal!