Saturday, December 20, 2008

Adventures and Quilts!

Friday night we were treated to a real French Chef and his cooking team. We went to some friends' house, while my Mom watched my children. I think we got the better deal.... are you recovered yet Mom? Although they did get to watch Kitt Kittredge and I hear it was very good.
Anyways - this chef prepared a 17 course meal as we all stood around in the kitchen and watched him cook. He answered every question that was thrown at him, and he never made a mistake. It was quite impressive. I am a pretty basic eater, and not real brave when it comes to new things. I gave it my best shot, and was pleasantly surprised. My favorite item was a Pumpkin Ravoli in a butter and Pine Nut sauce. Plus we learned a lot about wine, again not something I know about - I know how to pick a good grape juice!
We woke up to a very cold and windy day - but the boys wanted to go Ice Fishing. So I drove them all ( Dad included) dropped them off and went shopping! I was the smart one. I got a little bit of shopping in - I found a Gluten Free store and thought I would check it out. Grabbed Burgers for them and drove back to the lake - they were frozen and starving. I was the favorite parent of the moment when I pulled the burgers out!
Here are Three more quilts from the Group in Louisana. The Stitch Witches. They are all wonderful. The one with the orange in it is a little brighter than the photo and very cheery! The applique is just gorgeous. Since thats something haven't tackled yet I studied it!
For those of you who guessed about the difference in the pillowcase pictures - a new couch - you were right. We have saved for 15 years for a new couch - and the time finally came. I was pretty excited!! I think they look pretty good.
Have a great evening. The wind is howling and a storm is moving in.. so everyone stay warm.


Vicki W said...

That dinner sounds devine!

zizzybob said...

I just loooove pumpkin ravioli, But the only place I know of that makes it is Pucks restautant. Sadly, it has closed locally. Now, the only time I can get it is if I go to Disneyworld.