Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stars and Strings oh My!

Stars and Bars! I really like seeing that finished quilt. This one came From Ellen Y in ID. Thank Ellen!!
The colors are just strikingm and very patriotic.
Next come five quilts from Gramma Nancy in MN.
This is a part of her label:
"When you are feeling down, or blue, or just having a bad day – I hope this quilt will make you smile a bit. It’s a “cuddle quilt”, made with love and appreciation, and something that was made especially for you -- I also hope you feel the “hugs” a quilt made with love can provide.

God bless….."

Grandma Nancy

I need to let you know that I am really trying to get all the pictures up quickly. I am amazed at how well we all work under pressure - as it is AMAZING the packages that I have recieved this last week. So if your quilt is not up today - I promise I will get it up. I want to give everyone their day on the blog. Plus it gives me great pictures to show.
And this brings us up to 731!


JuJu said...

Glory Be!!! 731!! You are doing a great job getting the pictures posted!!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I check every day for another show of eye candy! You & the gang are doing a fantastic job!! I can't wait to see the pics from the delivery.

Shari in AZ