Thursday, May 21, 2009

Annie in IA

Are you ever impressed at how those that are extremely busy just accomplish more? Well here is a prime Example of someone who is like that!
And I thought she was two people. See - she volunteered to quilt some tops for me, and when she sent them back her name was the same. But then a month later she sends me 5 finished quilts and the label was signed Annie - so I assumed Annie was the piecer, and J was the quilter.... but Nope! She is one and the same!! How cool is that?
Anyways - these quilts are just awesome. Annie - Thank you SO much!!

My kiddos and I had a good day yesterday, and when we were lounging around we watched Oprah. ( I always check first to be sure its okay for kids) It was about What you could live without, and what you could give up. One family had to give up all of its electronics, and TV's. We watched and were shocked - they had like 7 TV's - we have one. Well Two, but one doesn't turn on and we need to dispose of it. So at dinner we were talking about what we could give up to spend more time together as a family. First they said we should by more stuff cuz we do everything together and they would like a break some times... funny kids.
Anyways - my challenge - should I chose to accept it ,was to give up my computer for 24 hours. I don't think this is a problem, except I do all my paperwork, blogging, picture downloading, EQ6 stuff on it. But I accepted. I have finished all the paperwork for the day, and this.... this will be my last blog post until..... well at least until Friday Nite - because I promised. I wonder what we will do with all this "family time"?
I am told moving the 8 tons of dirt we had delivered, Putting up new fencing in the west pasture, and cleaning up the roping chutes does not count! Bummer - I had high hopes. Oh - but they did not mention cleaning corrals.... there ya go - Family togetherness!
Have a great one!


mkhquilts said...

Those are some of the prettiest scrappy quilts I have seen in a long time! I'm glad you are still collecting quilts. I'm itchin' to make some more of those, although I think I might give to the kids of fallen soldiers project too.
Mary H

Mary said...

I could give up TV a lot easier than I could my computer! All the quilts are gorgeous!