Thursday, April 23, 2009

More from Geneseo IL

We had another "Meeting". A Sweet Quilter from the Geneseo IL Quilt group headed to CO to see her daughter, and on the way home I met up with her. Not to bad!!!
Thanks Ladies - you are truly amazing!!


Pat said...

great job! I keep watching to *see* if you will receive 700 quilts by the deadline...hope so!

Becky said...

It is so great to see the numbers mounting up- and the wonderful quilts your students are making and receiving. Let's see, 5 I sent, 2 from Mary - I hope there are about 45 more finished ones in the mail for you. Has the date been set for the "dispersal"? Can you give us any hints about it? I know, we can probably wait, but the anticipation really adds to the joy! Wow, I hope your students are all working up their muscle strength to carry all those quilts!.