Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quilts from Marge... and more!

One of the things we learned about in church this morning was to count your blessings. Our pastor was talking about - that every time you turn on the TV you hear snippets of depressing news, about the economy, about the housing market and so on. One of the things that Job did when he had hardships was to count his blessing and be thankful for the things God did give him.
Not being a preacher - I wanted to show you the "blessings" that have accumulated here. When we first started this project, I made up a simple Quilt Pattern(the Not So Top Secret Quilt) that I could teach to the ladies here, and in my guild, and to my own children. My oldest son thought I should put it on the web, and see if we could entice anyone to make it as a Quilt of Valor. We thought - oh wouldn't that be cool to get 20 or 25 more quilts for the soldiers. As a matter of fact our hope was 100, our common sense told us 45... ( including the local ladies) - not one of us ever thought over 400 quilts!! And this is a Blessing... so every day I get to count your blessing to the soldiers as a blessing to me too.... I know a lot of words for a little thought! Anyways - this top picture is the quilts washed, labeled, and ready to go. This is 435 quilts - Some are still being washed and labeled in other piles - and a lot more have been added since I took the picture.
The next picture of the boxes is what I get to open this afternoon.... its like a party!
The next Three Quilts of Valor are from Marge in Indiana. They are spectacular! Really - it was so cool to have all three of them out at the same time! Marge - Thank you SO much for sending these!

Well - its off to go open those boxes.... its great to be me!
See ya Soon!

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Anonymous said...

Where in the world do you store all those? I can't even imagine. But what a wonderful thing you are doing for those soldies and blessing so many lives.
Diane in Alaska