Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The QOV Sew day that we had a Livermore is starting to finish the quilts. This is the first one finished bu Julie. She chose all western print fabrics in reds whites and blues - how cool is that? And it turned out wonderfully!
When she started it she said - well I chose the fabrics that I like because if I screw it up - I can keep it and try again. But there is not a screw up on it ;-)

On the personal front I am working on two quilts at the moment. We just finished this string quilt - the boys helped too. I used a blue grey for the center of the string block and thought I might have enough to make one quilt with this as the center... nope - this is the second one and I still have a few strips left over ...
Then I started a second Not So Top Secret Project
This time in Reds and Creams - I have all the big 4 patches done and am halfway thru the 16 patches... Just squeezing in 15 minutes here and there to sew them together.
Have a great one - We have a swim meet this afternoon and probably into the evening...

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Mary Johnson said...

Both quilts look great! I'm enjoying watching your progress toward meeting your goal of 400 quilts!