Friday, April 10, 2009

Picket Fence

This quilt is called a Picket Fence quilt, at least that is what Harriett calls it - and in my book Harriett knows A LOT!
And because it is my blog I am going to post more than one picture *giggle*
I quilted this one and I had a lot of fun with it. I combined a couple of different ideas and kind of made them my own. And I liked how it turned out.
In the borders I tried to do a wonky feather - but it came out a little wonkier that I thought - and I liked it even better!!
The blue picture is of the back. I just loved the textured look. And of course I gave it right back to Harriett to bind. And... she is done!!!


Susan D said...

Nice quilting job on that Picket Fences quilt. Must've really been a lot of stopping and starting. And it's a gorgeous quilt, too.
Wonderful, fantastic job on the collection of QOV for the hospital. I follow your blog in awe-- you're quite an inspiration for all of us.

bettsy said...

This was a pattern from Quiltmaker quite a long time ago - I think it may have also been in their All time favorites series as well. It was called Picket Fence there. How do I know - because it is one of my UFO's which I'd like to finish this year.

Annie said...

I just love scrap quilts and yours are really nice.

: )

Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful quilting job - I love all that texture.