Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What do AZ, NE and NM have in common?

Incredible Quilters!! Thats what!
The First Two are String quilts made by San in my Heartstrings group, and Quilted by Julia in NE. They are wonderful!!
This Cool Star quilt come from Andi in AZ. What a beautiful quilt!! I love all the colors in it.

The Next Two Quilts come from Pat in NM. The fabrics came from many quilters across the US. Pat did all the work of making and quilting the quilts. She did an Awesome job!

Ladies - THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate all your hard work. And I am so impressed that you all have the same goal - to get every wounded service person covered!!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Hey Alycia, would you mind making a small correction. The first 5 tops finished by Mary and her pals were actually made by San and fellow quilters in Murphy, North Carolina last April 2008. It was a group effort and I don't want to leave the group out. Thanks sew much!