Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its Tracye Q Day

These Patriotic quilts came in from Tracye Q in ... Colorado!! She is a neighbor to the south ( way south) of me. How cool is that? The one on the left just really jumped out at me .. and one of my boys wants to make one like it!
The one on the far left has really cool spiral quilting on it, so I tool a picture of that too - it looks awesome!
This morning it smells really smoky here, it started last night and woke me up - so I went and checked all around to make sure nothing was on fire, and I couldn't see anything. So this morning I did it again - just to make sure and there is nothing at my place , but it is smoky all in front of the mountains, so something must be burning. Maybe I should watch the news sometime - but well - there is just
no time for that... I have quilts to quilt and quilts to oogle
Have a great day.. quilt a lot and be happy!


Jackie Russell said...

Lovely quilts. Do you have a template for the spirals?

Anonymous said...

Jackie it's a template board from R n S designs.
Tracye Q