Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Al's Quilts

There is a 90 year old WWII Veteran and former POW, who has been making string quilts for two years - ever since his neighbor June showed him how. She told us about his story and not only have my kids been enthralled with him... so has my husband.


We were the lucky recipient's of two of his quilts to quilt and get ready for our own QOV delivery. I love the way these turned out. My kids and I have been making string blocks too. I even taught some of the ladies from my guild how to make them, so a few ladies are making some for us to put into quilt.The right is the detail in the center of one of the quilts!
So I got the horses shoed, and even survived the heat but just barely. Then as I was coming in there was a HUGE column of smoke to the south so we called my dad ( a wildland firefighter) and found out it was about 50 miles south of us, and was a 2000 acre grass fire. Glad they got it put out, the wind was blowing our way!! And there is almost nothing but range land between the fire and us.
Have a great evening. Hope you are enjoying all the pictures!


Vicki W said...

The quilts are really piling up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alycia! Yes, I'm enjoying all the pictures. And the stories. I love this one about the WWII vet making string quilts. That's great. I'm still working on mine along with everything else. Planning on getting them to you later in the year. Thanks so much for doing this. You're wonderful!