Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots of Quilts!

All the way from VI - which in my geographically challenged world is the Virgin Islands... Comes this beautiful quilt. I think the pattern is called Cheaper by The Dozen? Carolyn also sent 6 tops to be quilted. Thank you SO much Carolyn!
The next quilt come from PA. from Denise. I love rail fence quilts, but did you notice the row of stars on the top? I love that!!
Thanks Denise!!

The next quilt was just marked Davis - I wish I knew who sent it - because it is a gorgeous quilt! The colors are so southwestern to me, I love it. So thank you Davis in Alamosa!!

And last - a sweet dear in CT made up a bunch of pillowcases and sent them out this way. Thank you Wendy - I sure appreicate it!!

Our weather has been really strange and 68deg yesterday and today we are under a winter storm watch - sort of. Its kind of fun listening to the weater forecaster... because if "this" does "this" then we will have snow, but if "this" does "that" it will be rain... but then again...
We will just take jackets and short sleeve shirts and be prepared right?


Stephanie D. said...

This is what I remember from living in the Southwest: layers, baby, layers! lol

JuJu said...

Wow 500 plus quilts!! I bet you make it to 700!!! Go Quilters!!!

Sharkeysday said...

So, are you getting pummeled with the snow up there? We just have a skiff on the lawn so far, but they claim it's going to be bad! :P

Mary said...

How fun to be browsing the quilts and see one made by Denise using my Patriotic Rail fence instructions.

I'm so excited to see how many quilts you have ready to go and I have two more that I need to get in the mail today to you.