Saturday, April 04, 2009

From Sue in AZ

Which is where I would like to be right now! The weather said snow, I was ready for snow... who sent the wind? Holy Moly it is blowing out there. Blizzard and white out conditions. Impressive for April!
These Three wonderful quilts came from Sue in AZ. She is such a sweetheart! And Verbal.
She has passed the project info on to other quilters, and her friends are joining in. Awesome!
I wish I had other exciting things to tell you about, but I don't. I ran into an old friend and coulnd't think of one thing that didn't have to do with quilts. I must be in a rut. I even started reading a quilt book *** ohh its good... The Lost Quilter - by Jennifer Chiaverini. See I am in a rut...
Hope you all are having a great Saturday.

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Jessica said...

I'm just so in awe of how big this project has become. I'm sssooo excited for you! 550?!?! That's amazing! I have this feeling that you'll hit at least 600!