Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wild West Quilting

These Two quilts came from Linda in AL formerly of OR. She designed the pattern that these quilts came from, and graciously donated a pattern for us to try.
You can check out other versions of the quilt at
Thanks Linda - that was very nice. I can't wait to try the pattern!!
A lot of you have been asking if you will get to see the quilts being delivered. Yes - we will defineatly take pictures and share with you. We try to be very respectful of all the soldiers. Just because they are recieving a quilt does not mean that they have to agree to let us use their pictures. So I promise we will do our best to share with you all that happens, just like we have every year we have been blessed to do this.
Have a great day - I have a full plate today so don't know if I will be back with another post or not. But there are some more great quilts to show you!!!

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SandyQuilts said...

Neat pattern. Is that pattern only for you to try or anyone?

I have a quilt to send ... could you give me your address. thanks.