Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quilts from M&M

That is Marianne and Mary.... both wonderful Heartstring ladies!! Marianne made the quilts, sent them to Mary and Mary Quilted them! I really Really like these quilts! They have so many different patriotic fabrics in them, yet they come together so beautifully. I am so tickled to be able to get them to soldiers!!
I love how everything comes together too. That Marianne - she is a sewing whiz, and that Mary - she is a quilter like you have never seen. You should check out her blog - and read the amount of quilts that she did this year!
Now - on to the the year of ME.... yesterday was a good Me day! Wrangler Man took 2 of the boys into the mountains to go hunting, and the other boy and I headed out to go to lunch. We met with my Mom, Betty and Terry. Betty is my Grandma in Spirit. A gazillion years ago I started calling her grandma and it stuck! So she was out from Caly visiting her son and his wife Terry.... they came up and we all met at P.F. Changs for lunch. Yum! They have an excellent Gluten Free menu - and we even got to have a dessert. C and I shared everything, that may be about to change! For a 7 year old he sure can eat.
Then we hit Joanns with my Mom... found a couple of cute clearance Christmas fabrics that we can make into Pillowcases for next Christmas.
Have a good one - I am sewing and washing quilts, and watching the boys play Wii.. golf at the moment!

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Mary Johnson said...

I loved these tops and was happy to be a part of completing them.

I love PF Chang's!