Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quilts from Sallie and Maria

Look at these lovlies!!! They are beautiful in the pictures - but up close they are EVEN BETTER...
Naner naner.... I get to see them all up close!!
The quilt on the left comes from Virginia from Sallie M.
the quilt on the right comes from Maria in Upstate NY...
Ladies - thank you SO much - they are beautiful!!!


Sherrill said...

Ooo, they're both BEAUTIFUL! If Sallie reads the comments, I'd LOVE to know what that pattern is that she used! VERY COOL!!

Sallie said...

Sherrill, I got the pattern off the McCall's Quilting website. It was under the patriotic section and FREE. I did change it from 1 &1/2" strips to 2" strips and made whatever other adjustments were necessary to geth the stars to fit. It wasn't hard, but my points aren't all they should be.


Sherrill said...

Hey, Sallie, thanks!! It's still on the site and I've printed out the instructions to put in my 'to do' folder.