Friday, April 24, 2009

They come in Three's!

Wow - is all I can say. The packages are just rolling in. A long time ago Catherine from QOV said to include a postcard in your boxes to the chaplains. I can see why - You don't want to keep anyone waiting that their quilts are here!!!~
These are awesome!!
The first three here on the right hand side are from the Quilting Broads in Washington. They KNOW what they are doing!! Liz, Sally, Janis and Nancy... THANK you so much!

The next three quilts on the left hand side come from Dianne K in Colorado. They were quilted by Kim and Pam in Colorado. Dianne coordinated the whole thing and I sure appreciate it. They are wonderful!!
Thanks Dianne and partners!! You all make a great team.

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kimquiltz said...

I LOVE this group! (I love all the groups!) You and your ladies are the Queens of Valorious Quilting!

We have two quilts ready for shipping. Are you overwhelmed with quilts or should we send ours to Catherine's 1200 project?