Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Soldier Forgotten

The Geneseo Quilt Guild has been so busy supporting Soldiers with their Quilts Of Valor. Arlene does the Long Arm quilting on them - and I swear - I wonder if she sleeps?

Here are four more of the Christmas Time Delivery.
I have been asked if I think we will get more quilts that our 400 goal, and if so what will we do with them. Boy - wouldn't that be something to far exceed our goal? That would be awesome!
But, on the other hand there is a sad fact that goes along with this. The original unit housed 400 soldiers. As of the last conversation, this number at our base is up to 700. So we will take what we can to the soldiers that need them. If the base doesn't need more than 400... I ( as well as you) have connections! We will just contact Catherine ( http://www.qovf.org) and see what other base needs quilts.
My own personal quest is to cover as many soldiers as possible, no matter where they are housed. And this brings me to my next subject. Cheri over at Jovial Quilts posted about a challenge from Mr. President Elect Obama to make Martin Luther King day a day of service. See her post here: http://jovaliquilts.blogspot.com/2009/01/donation-quilts.html
I know my kids have school that day - but we can work on something in the afternoon. Maybe we will sew, or quilt, or make backs - but whatever - our service will be to Quilts Of Valor.

I was looking at some photos - putting together a presentation and came across the picture of the first soldier that recieved a QOV from our 5th grade. So I leave you with his picture. He was wounded in the leg, and was in CO for rehab. His three sons and wife were back east waiting for him to heal up enough to come home.
I remember his gratitude for his quilt, his kindness towards the students, and the tears in his eyes - that someone, someone other than his family, really cared about him and his recovery.

I realize that it is a small picture - but it is 2 cameras ago *grin*


jovaliquilts said...

How wonderful that you contribute so much to Quilts of Valor. They are much needed and much appreciated. We had a woman who was very active making these and then, sadly, her own son was killed in Iraq. She told so many personal stories about family and friends that we really came to understand how important these quilts are.
Thanks for participating in the Day of Service! I hope lots of quilters will do the same.

Suzanne Earley said...

I guess I'd better get the two quilts that are sitting on the floor next to my longarm in the mail to you and then get busy on some more.

Loretta said...

Okay, Alycia, send me 3 QOV tops, I'll get them quilted and sent back to you.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I like the idea of a "day of volunteering".

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I come by way of Kimmy's blog by way of the QuiltvilleChat Yahoo group......I am sharing your blog addy via mine as well-----some of us have made a pact to make to help you out! What a wonderful cause!!!
-Amy (NW Wisconsin)