Wednesday, October 08, 2008

From Eileen

Eileen in MD happened upon Kim Brunners website, and on it there was a call to action for quilts. She immediately emailed me - and a few days later... Two Awesome quilts showed up in the mail!
The Deletable Mountains one was at a Show n Tell in Nsahville where Eleanor Burns was - so it has a touch of fame ;-)
Now - I am baking some cookies. A group of gals ( and two of my 3 kids) are getting together to work on Quilts of Valor. One lady is a nurse and she doesn't want me to go into anaphalactic shock, due to my allergy of binding.. so she is coming to bind as many quilts as she can. I am making her my best friend for the day *giggle* I shall present her with a cookie! Oh - and I am being healthy too - I made a veggie tray.
Hope you all have a great day...

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Jessica said...

veggies & cookies (and quilting)...sounds like the perfect gathering to me!

I had to put my current QOV on the back burner for a bit as I got swamped with customer quilts...but it'll get there eventually! :)