Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Quilts are Coming!!

We were reading about Paul Revere - and I get his sentiments... the Quilts are coming ;-) My UPS man, he had to use a dolly yesterday. He NEVER uses a dolly out here.
This first quilt is a Not So Top Secret project quilt - and it is adorable. Click on the picture to see the cool prints! It came from Kara in Lincoln, NE. She worked on it with her daughter. Love that!!

Next is a Heartstring quilts made by Mary H in Seattle, WA. I love the placement of the blocks - it s really a striking quilt! Thanks Mary!

The next 5 quilts come from Dawn R in Idaho ( http://www.pajamaquilter.com ) One of them is a Virtual MQX quilt. MQX is a quilt show/ classes in New Hampshire ( http://www.MQXshow.com ) and a lot of us were lamenting that we hadn't gone. So the group decided to make blocks for QOV's, and send them in to make a quilt. I think 6 quilts were made.
The rest of Dawns quilts were from a group of students that she taught to make quilts - all newbies ( her words!) I think they just graduated to not so newbies!!

Have a great day!!

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mkhquilts said...

Alycia-You did write in yahoo that you recieved the quilt from me. I was waiting to see it on your blog. Just FYI, though, I'm from Spokane, not Seattle! But I'm very glad to see it, and I am very proud of the work you are doing!!
Mary H-