Sunday, November 23, 2008

From Cathy

For all of you that love string quilts... hold on to your strings! You will just love this quilt. I do! It came from Cathy E in KY. She has sent in two other quilts too!

See them here
Sometimes I just amaze myself at how technical I can be *giggle*

This is the stunner that came to me Friday. I think it is a diamond string quilt. And if it isn't, well it is now. I just named it!
Saturday nite was the 4-H Mardi Gras party in Greeley. There were lots of booths to participate in. The one that really struck my childrens fancy was the Pillow Fight log. You had to stay on the log to continue the pillowfight. The children in this picture really love each other, and are best of friends. They are just putting on an act for me, as they would NEVER really want to hurt each other or ever have sibling aggressions...EVER... right???
Have a good one!

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