Friday, March 13, 2009

All the way to PA and Back

Well I think I might be getting used the the time change. The thing I hate about it is the mornings. I truly hate doing chores in the dark. It just seems so unnatural to get up when it is dark. Buuuuutttt - I love it being light later in the night... it just seems like we have so much more time to do "stuff" - like play baseball, and chase bikes, and make mud volcanos....

These three quilts were all quited by Kris B in Pennsylvania. She can walk on the treadmill and email at the same time. Now that totally impresses me. I can not walk and talk at the same time - I run into stuff. Its embarrassing.


This first quilt was made by Laurel in Livermore. We met her when we did a little display at the Larimer County Fair. She knew how to sew, but wasn't sure that she wanted to really be involved in Quilts of Valor.... she made 3 tops... got her (grin)
This next top is made by Willa and Sherry in Livermore. Kris quilted it wonderfully - the quilting made the details on this quilt stand out!
And this last beauty was pieced and quilted by Ms Kris herself! If she tells me she pieced it and walked on the treadmill at the same time I may cry. Kris it is beautiful. THe quilting is absolutely
outstanding! Thanks for doing these!!
See ya soon... although maybe not as many times today... but then again - you should always be on your toes! ( and leave a comment!)


mkhquilts said...

I love looking aqt the new quilts-and I am so excited to see there are almost 500 quilts! I'll have another one for you soon.
Mary H-Spokane,WA

Marie Adams said...

So glad I took on this project. I have many orders to fill but pushed this one to the front. This has been the best "Feel Good" quilt I have made. Thank you for doing this.I am sending you my quilt today.

Marie's Quilting Cottage
Marie Adams
Rapid City, SD