Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oklahoma quilt ladies!

This is just too much!!!
I so love it!
The Fed Ex lady shows up with a box that is HUGE, and she comes to get me to help her carry it. She is short and her arms are barely long enough to hold the box!
In it is two HUGE bags of quilts. So I start opening - I mean it is like Christmas - and I pull out one Not so Top Secret Quilt after another! I am positively giddy.
Seriously - I am laughing so hard the dog is looking at me funny. 15 Not So Top Secret quilts .... can you believe it!! And they are ALL beautiful and in a pillowcase!! ( and there were some that weren;t NSTSP quilts....)
So here are the pics of the first Ten quilts. They all hail from Oklahoma - Most of the quilters live in OK city, or the suburbs. They are a group of 26 women.
These first ten were made by:
Jo B
Joyce C
Linda E
Louise Q
Barbara K
Kathlyn L
Lois L
Jere M
Jeri-Alynn M
Jill M
Shirley B Made Pillowcases , and Charlene arranged for the shipping costs. Ladies - you are awesome! Thank you so much - and don't forget to check back tomorrow to see the rest of the quilts - they are wonderful!!
Have a great evening!


Vicki W said...

Those are awesome! It's really cool to see the one pattern in so many different colors.

Stephanie D. said...

How funny and touching at the same time! 15 quilts? That FedEx lady will be looking for another job--or workers' comp--soon! lol

The more I see of that pattern, the more I like it! I may have to cave.

LizA. said...

This is amazing! I can't believe how many quilts are rolling in. What an incredible response. Quilters are the best!

Kathy Wagner said...

What pretty quilts! What a fun box to open!