Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5th Grade Quilts

Five more Quilts Produced by the 5th Grade. They are bound and ready to go!!
"Stars and Stripes" is the first one. It is quilted with the Random Stars Panto. It was a great choice!

This one is "Healing the Heart" It was quilted with Deb's Swirls by Deb Geissler.

"Designs Hidden Inside"
It was quilted with "Catch Me if you Can" From Dave Hudson I believe.

This one is "American Hope" It was also quilted with Random Stars.

And this one is "Fighter Pilots Flag" and it is quilted with Spiral Path.


They all wrote their own labels and had to work as a group to compose them. The labels are wonderful. I think the quilting designs chosen were so appropriate for their quilts. I am quite proud of the thought that went into this.
Nice Job 5th graders!


Vicki W said...

Your blog is a dangerous place on hormonal days! It's looking like you are going to meet your goal the way these quilts are rolling in every day!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job 5th graders!!!! You should be so proud of yourselves! You've all definately become pros. Keep up the great work

New York State

Becky said...

Wow - the 5th graders did excellent work. I think turning twenty really is fun, and teaches a lot of skills. Congratulations on the excellent quilts!

Jack's grandma said...

What a great job the 5th graders have done (all 8 groups!) with their Quilts of Valor. They should be proud! You did a wonderful job showing them how to put together quilt tops. Because of Jack's involvement, I learned of the QOV program....it is a wonderful way to thank our soldiers.

marilyn said...

So are you going to contact the news, or should I? If you give me all of the details, I will make some contacts and see if Good Morning America or the Today Show wants to the shot at getting to interview you and the kids. Just say the word girl and I will make some phone calls, send some emails, get the word out there. I want to wake up and watch you on TV :)

Lori in South Dakota said...

How proud you must be of those kids!