Monday, May 11, 2009

Quilts from San and Mary

San made these two quilts and Mary ( ) quilted them. These two are in my heartstrings group. This group is so prolific - They just keep a quilting and sewing!!

Thanks San and Mary!!


I got a call today! From a Sargeant. He wanted to thank us for bringing the quilts. He said that a soldier told him about getting the quilt, and that he didn't stay to talk to us. He got back and read his journal and was just loving the meaning of this quilt. Now I don't know what soldier it was - but that makes it all worth it!!


Hope you all had a great Mother's day! Ours was great. Last night Wrangler Man decided to mow some of the grass growing awful tall around the house - and he ran over a rattlesnake!!! I was glad to not be there!

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Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Alycia, thanks for working so hard coordinating all the quilts. I'm also sorry that things didn't seem to go the way you hoped it would on Thursday. I'm also glad the soldier called you to thank you. I can't imagine what these young people are going through and what is going through their minds. I can only hope that they are getting some comfort from their new quilts. I can honestly say that I got a lot out of making the quilts I sent you. I hope to make many more in the future.

I think the 5th graders are doing a wonderful thing and I hope they enjoyed and learned from participating in this endeavor.

Do you have any idea of how many quilts you were actually able to give out last week?