Thursday, April 30, 2009


Stephanie is in my guild and apparently she can quilt!! She made 7 Quilts of Valor... Seven!! I am so impressed with Her!!
She made Three of these Star quilts. And I think she called it a Service Star quilt. She had made one for her dad, a Vietnam vet.
Then she made two of these wonky star quilts. Oh - they are lovely!!!

The next one I am not sure what it is called - but isn't it cool?

And here it is in Green and Yellow!

Thanks SO much Stephanie.

And then just for fun... look what was in My Sister in Laws pasture? There were five new babies in the last week and they are so cute. They are all gangly, and long legged!


Amy said...

such nice quilts! way to GO!! love the new edition to the farm.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Woohoo! They're rolling in! Love the baby picture.

marilyn said...

When is the quilt delivery date again?