Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alberta's Quilts

Aren't these quilts lovely? They came from Alberta in Ill. The floral one is a group quilt. Her sister made the blocks and she did the setting. The one on the left is all Batik. Beautiful colors.
I recieved an email asking if I was stressed yet... and you probably don't know this - but I rarely stress. I figure God gave me the day and I will use it to the best of my ability and then try again the next day. So .. nope - no stressing here. More like amazement. I truly can not believe the generousity of all you wonderful people.
I took the kids to Cheyenne today and they had a lot of military planes at the National Guard hanger at the airport. We were talking with a C-130 pilot. One of his main missions is to fly in 2 times a month to Iraq and take wounded soldiers to Ramstein Germany. I started talking to him about Quilts of Valor, and it brought tears to his eyes. He said it is very humbling to take the soldiers out, and makes him so grateful that somebody is thinking of them. So give yourselves all a great BIG PAT on the back!
Have a Great Rest of your day - I also got to go to Sams club and oh my! the counters are full... bet it takes about a week for the crew to eat all this, but I still gotta put it away so I can make dinner. Which is Pancakes with Chokecherry Syrup we got at the farmers market last nite - YUM!!


Jessica said...

Hey Alycia! I am loving looking at all of the quilts that are being delivered. I just noticed in your list that you have hit 48 completed tops toward your goal ~ which is the same number that you just took in May. In just over two months you managed to accumulate the same number of quilts. WOO HOO!

How are you doing on pillowcases? They've become my new project...

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Beautiful quilts! I know that they are appreciated, but isn't it great to hear it from the horses mouth too? Sounds like you had a nice chat with that pilot.