Saturday, March 21, 2009

From Texas

Robin in Texas volunteered to quilt 2 tops for me, and when she sent them back some other quilts must have jumped in that box, cuz when I opened it all these quilts JUMPED out!!
The first two quilts are the ones I had her quilt. The Turning Twenty is from Willa, and the Not So Top Secret Project is from Rubydell. Rubydell is a former military gal herself!
The next quilts - three of them were made and quilted by Robin. And 4 of them she and her quilting friends made. They call themselves the quilting sisters as they are a group of 3 sets of quilters. How cool is that? If I had a sister I would force her to quilt with me too..... I mean I have already converted my mom...
Ladies - Thank you for taking the time to make these Quilts of Valor for our No Soldier Forgotten Project. And thank you binding the tops I sent. I sure appreciate it!

This afternoon my oldest son and I ran into town, we dropped off some batting and went to Joanns. I got more Label Paper and a Magazine. Pretty good - and then Old Navy was next door, so we headed in there. I think I like that store - except all the pants were regulars. I need tall - I have a 36 in inseam... tought to find. But the store was bright and airy and made me think of spring!!
Now there are T-Bones on the grill - yum!!


Lori in South Dakota said...

my daughter buys her extra tall jeans at the Buckle. do they have one near you? I love checking your blog and watching the numbers grow, the quilts are rolling in, aren't they!!

Roxanne said...

Wow! Another woman who wears 36" inseams! I'm 6'1" tall, and that's what I wear. I love my Rocky Mountain Jeans. :)

Another good place to shop for tall clothes is (I prefer to wait for their sales, as they are rather pricey.) They usually have a good selection of styles, and their shirts have nice, long sleeves.

Helen in the UK said...

Another wonderful group of QOVs. I'm particularly liking the striped snowballs .... I'm thinking they would look great done with strings too :)