Monday, May 10, 2010

No Soldier Forgotten 2010 List of Quilts

1.-6. 6 from Geneseo, IL
7.-9.3 from Kathy M in WI
10.Sue and Janet, Heartstrings
11.Kathryn in MA
12.Cindy in ME
13.-15.Carolyn in PA
16.Sandy in WV
17.Trish in CO
18.Linda in CO
19.-20.quilted by Liz
21.-24.Rebekkah, Sara, Wavalene
25.-26.Rose Ann in WA
27.-29.Shari, Sue and PFQG in CO
30.Susan in TX Fish quilt
31.-35.Judith in IL
36.-40.Calico Country Quilters
41.-42.2 Not So Top Secret 2's
43.-44.Karen in OH
45.-46.Common threads Quilters
47.-48.T. in St Louis
49.-50.LCC quilters
51.-52.Lyn H CO
53.-54.LCC Quilters
55.Willa in CO
56.Susan and Janet's Heartstrings
57.-58Miracles Quilts

59.-60.Lou and Gwen

61.-62.Kerin in MO

63.Lyn H Colorado

64.-65.Stephanie in Colorado

66.Dianne in England

67.Pamela in PA

68-70.Stephanie in Colorado

71.-83.from Geneseo IL

84.Sherry in CO

85.Rubydell in CO

86.Jackie in NJ

87.Judy in Denver

88.-89.Claudia in Loveland

90.Lyn in CO

91.Miracles in CO

92.Colorado Kids Quilt

93.Sue in CO

94.Kids Club Quilt

95.Mary in CO

96.Alberta in IL

97.Karen and Sandi in NJ

98.Cheryl in Co

99.Heartstrings in MN

100.-104.Meredith in CA

105.-106.Miracles and One

107.-110.Pat in WI

111. Sue in CO

112.Dianne in UK

113.-116. Sherrill in TX

117.-118. Miracles in CO

119.-120.Mary and Audrey

121.Marilyn in CO

122.-123.Meredith in Ca Quilted by Ros

124.-125.Nancy and Ros

126.-129.Meredith in CA

130.-132.Dianne in IL

133.Margo in CO

134.-137.Illinois Quilters

138.-140.Denise in CO

141.-142.Judy and Merrie Quilts

143.-145.San in NC

146.Nancy in NY

147.Jackie M Orange Crush

148.quilted by Beth

149.Sue and Evelyn

150.-155.Meredith in Caly

156.-157.Jody and Elaine

Minus 17 quilts delivered to a Traumatic Brain Injury Unit - No pictures but lots of smile

141.-143.Ros in AZ/CO

144.Amy in WI


146.Linda in Loveland

147.Jane in MN

148.Mrs D in Kersey

149. Candy in NY

150. Heartstrings

151.-152.Carolyn and Laurel

153.Sheree in MN

154.Sandi and Karen

155.Ethel in Co

156.-158.Sharon in CO

159.-161.3 Colorado Quilts

162.-165.Harriet, Sue and Miracles in CO

166.Marilyn in CA

167.Jackie M QAYG

168.Susan S. String

169-171.Marlene in CO

172-174.Lois and Elsie and Rosemary

175.-176.Candy and NSTSP

177. Ethel in Greeley

178.-182.Nancy in CO

183.-187.Marilyn in CO

188-192.Meredith and Linda

93 Delivered to Ft Carson WTB - April 2010

32 Delivered to Eagles Summitt Ranch - April 2010

68.-69.Barb W in MN

70.Lori in SD
71.Mary H in WA
72.April W
73.Al in WA
74.-76.LCC quilters and Doyleen
77.-78.Mtn View in CO
79.-80.Linda O in IN
81.-82.Beryl in UT
83.-84.Joan in CO
85.-87. Ray MI
88.Harriet in CO
89.-90.Northwest Suburban Q.G. IL
91.-92.Sue in CO
93.Fern in CO
94.-99.Meredith in CA
100-101.Sheila in OH
102.Francie in CO
103.-105.Cecily's group in CO
106.-108.Miracles in CO
109. Ethel in CO
110.Charlotte in CO
111. Donna in CO"
112.Linda in CO
113. Matie in CO
114.PFQG and Anna Marie inCO

115.-116.Livermore Quilters in CO

117. Carolyn in St Croix
118. Miracles in CO
119. Jeri in CO
120. Bev in OH
121.-124.Gloria Christie quilters in CO

125.-126.Susan B in CO

3 Delivered

123.-124. Carolyn in Brush CO
125.-129. Calico Quilters in Brush CO
130. Barbara in NJ
131.-132.Jan in Australia
133.Vicki in CO
134.Amy in WI
135.Kim in CO

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Nancy said...

Great Job everyone. This is an impressive list of donors!