Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mountain View Elementary

Last School year I met the sweetest lady - Judy V - when her grandson was in 5th grade, and participating in making Quilts of Valor. She asked one of the teachers if she could talk to us about what we were doing. She then decided that she would like to do this at the school she volunteers at.
She is a very accomplished quilter, so we encouraged her and told her it would be great. She then reminded us that she works at a school for the deaf and hard of hearing. And I thought - whoa - you have to be quick to teach kids that can't hear you talk. And she is!, and the kids do a Spectacular job of working on these quilts and working on the journals. I am really impressed.
The journals are so sweet. They show pictures of the kids sewing, and the explain all the "signs" in the top quilt, and why they chose the fabrics in the second.
They also make pillowcases, and a few extra!


So join me in letting the kids and Mrs. V at Mountain View Elementary know what a great job they did!!

Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful quilts! Congrats to both Mrs V & the kids. I know that they'll be very well received.

Shari in AZ

Nancy said...

Excellent job on the quilts and pillowcases!

Sheila said...

The quilts and pillowcases are fantastic. Keep up the great work Mrs. V's group!

Quilttiger said...

Wish you all could have seen the happy smiles on the kids' faces when they saw how their selecting and piecing their fabric choices turned out. Just a couple small clarifications: the school also has hearing students and I made the pillow cases. What counts is that the kids enjoyed bing part of the Quilts of Valor program :)

Judy V.