Friday, May 21, 2010

Warrior Games

Many of you are asking about the Warrior Games. I didn't get to take any pictures of the quilts being handed out, as they had their own photographer. But he said that he will get pictures to me, and to QOVF to show you all. QOVF probably has more pull than I do - so maybe they will show up there soon!!!
A thank you came in a comment today:
I want to say a very "heart felt" THANK YOU for my quilt. I was one of the participants and received a beautiful pink quilt. I will be sending a thank you note to the creator of my quilt. It has been laying over me comfortably since I came home from the games. Thanks Again, MSgt Kim, Ret USAF

How Cool is that? I have NO idea how they found the blog - but that is awesome!
I also recieved another Thank you in and email from a Mom who found the blog by accident:

Just had to send you an email to let you know how much Randi LOVED the quilt she received! I didn’t get to see it, but she said it was just beautiful – and it meant so much to her that people cared enough to give such loving gifts. She had a great week – 2 golds in swimming (freestyle and backstroke) and a silver in seated volleyball! Again – thank you to you and all your quilters!

These 8 quilts were Warrior Game Quilts of Valor too. They came from Linda in Olympia WA. Thanks Linda!!


Everything came so fast that I haven't gotten each and every quilt up on the blog - but thats alright... right? It gives me lots of good stuff to post - and you won't be bored of my boring life!
Which life at the moment is quite funny. My parents left on a vacation and brought me their two dogs. They are hunting dogs, and big dogs!! So I have a purse puppy, a Ranch dog , and these two. The Hunting dogs and the puppy need to be walked seperately for the moment and the Ranch dog goes with each walk. He may be skinny soon!!


Roslyn said...

I am not sure if this latest QOV will come to you ALycia, I will ask Donna if she wants to send it there or wait for a QOVF assignment.
Love that Log Cabin loco it's going on my very long list.

Lori said...

1) You are NOT boring!
2) More eye candy is a good thing!
3) You are the pack leader! (remember that) I have 2 bassets, 1 foster basset, and 1 brown dog right now! It makes life interesting. LOL!