Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is my Great Uncle George. He was a Marine that served in WWII. He enlisted when he was 16, and was at Pearl Harbor the day it was attacked. Normally he worked in the engine rooms as he was a mechanic type man, but for some reason that morning he was up on deck. He told my Dad that he saw the planes coming in, and decided he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So he jumped off the ship. Crazy thing to do for a guy that could not swim. However as he paddled away a kamikaze plane hit the ship in the exact place that he was previously standing. Pretty good instrincts.
George started out in Michigan, and when he was about 13 left home for Montana. He worked on a cattle ranch and discovered that no heat was a tough way to live in the winter there. At 16 he enlisted. I don't know much about his life before I was born, as he wasn't a real talkative guy. But he could fix anything.
He and my Great Aunt lived not to far from us, and my brother and I could ride our bikes to their house. It is a good thing they liked us as we went over often. We decided they liked us *grin*
He had a nose that could match no other. The second my mom or I started baking I swear the mans antennae went up, and he arrived at our house when the first batch of cookies was coming out of the oven.
Uncle George also loved dogs. He had a big airedale named Pete. My brother and I got to go along with him to work the dog in the desert. The Mojave was his favorite.
My uncle passed away when I was 10 or 11, and I think he was relatively young. However in my mind at the time anyone over 16 was old. I guess I will have to ask my dad his true age. I have very fond memories of this man, and was so excited when they moved to near us. He was a very patient man, always quick to smile, to help, or to just listen.
I think that this next quilt of valor will be finished in his honor with his name on the label. Who do you remember this weekend?


Lori said...

My good friend Betty! Her husband was a Korean war veteran. And Dugan--who has been deployed 4x! I did get his quilt to him! See??

Pat R said...

I honor my husband this weekend..he is a Viet Nam vet and the sweetest, most generous man I know. I remember my Uncle Billy. He was a WWII vet and a real cowboy. My brother and I loved going to visit that family and our hearts were broken when he suddenly died of a heart attack while out checking cows. I also honor and remember each of the men and women who are currently fighting to keep us free...and that's why I make quilts for them.

Anonymous said...

My dad & my Uncle Bud were crew mates on a B-17; my Uncles Cliff & "Half cup" Bob all of whom married sisters. All are now gone, but I have many wonderful memories of the smiles and jokes they shared with us all. My husband served 20 yrs in the Air Force and my son still serves and is going on 24 yrs in the Navy. God Bless Them All.

Shari in AZ

Lori said...

No one specific. My Dad is a Veitnam vet. I do not like the way they were treated upon return..

He never speaks of what he saw.

That is why, I love Quilts of Valor.Someone cares!

Kathie said...

glad you posted this. I was thinking and remembering my dad but didn't think to blog about him. Seeing this I went right to my blog and remembered in print about him.