Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remembering George Part 2 and 3

I have decided to name my Quilt of Valor designed by Judy - "Remembering George" for my Great Uncle. I have been reading some blogs that say they wish that people would post progress of their quilts rather than just the finished product. If they read my blog - they may be sad. They may realize that I may just possibly be the SLOWEST quilt putter together-er in the world!
Anyways - I have finally finished step 2 - it is over on the right.
And here is my picture when I thought I was done with step 3, then I turned the page - and realized I was NOT done yet!!!
Today was our Quilt of Valor Sew Day. I assumed that since it was Memorial Day weekend maybe no one would want to come, but apparently we all needed some sewing time!. So while Ethel put the binding and label on this quilt. ( right)
And Joan put the bindings on these two quilts - that were made from Bonnie Hunters Crayon Box pattern, -

And Jeri worked on these String blocks for a pattern from here:


I worked on Step 3 of

And we all marveled at how the internet can bring quilters together. And how much more fun it is to quilt than to do chores - especially ones that involve tractors and shovels.... which is totally why I had children!


Lori said...

yes, play with George and avoid those shovels, and what goes on them!

Stephanie D said...

How nice to have a quilt-in! Pretty quilts!

Mary Johnson said...

How great that you were still able to get participation on a holiday. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to sew today, I whipped up a patriotic quilt before leaving home last week. It's been so nice to see people around the web working on these quilts in honor of our service men and women.