Monday, May 10, 2010

FieldTrips to the Aquarium

It is that time of year for ***FIELDTRIPS***!!! Yay!!
The third grade got to go to the Denver Aquarium, and I was allowed to be a chaperone. Lucky me, got to go on the bus and everything!.
Our bus driver was the best, he even welcomed us to his *airline*.. such a card. We arrived at the aquarium ready to go, and then we got to wait - for about 15 minutes on the bus... with a LOT of kids... ready to get OFF the bus!!
As soon as we were able to get off the bus - we ran to the bathrooms... why you ask? Because I have done this tour before and KNEW that there is only one set of bathrooms, and if we missed them there was no way to get back to them, until the end of the tour. ( I am NO dummy!!!)

This was my group of youngsters! They were awesome. My son of course, was the cutest. But seriously, this group was good. We had one run, and then a discussion about staying together, and then it was easy peasy.
Their favorite part was the flash flood. I think we were the only group to be in the flash flood 7 times!

And here is MY favorite fish - the puffer fish. I sympathize with him. Or is it empathize? Anyways, I get the whole puffy thing, and holding your breath. Although I have to say holding my breath to get my way worked a lot better when I was a kid. Now my kids just think I am wierd and keep on going!!
I think I have finally deflated from holding my breath to hopefully come up for some air - and catch up a little.... At least I am trying to update my blog lists a little.

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Cheryl Willis said...

A day with the kiddo is just the best, glad you got to enjoy it. cw