Monday, May 10, 2010

April 2010 WWII Honor flight Quilt list

*need 50 WWII Quilts by April 20th 2010*
1. Donna
2-3. Chunky Churndashes
4.-5.Barb's 2 quilts
6.-7.Agnes 2
8.String Quilt
9.Linda in CO
10-11. Miracles 2
12.-14. Lois and Elsie
15. Drue in OK
16. Willa
17-26.Fabric Corner
27.-28.Eileen in MD
29.-33.Emily, Candy, Mavis, Cindy & Nancy
34.-35.Sue in CO
37. Kim in CO
38.Bari in MO
39.-43. Jackie in NY
44.-52. Ann and Mavis in MI


Sherrill said...

YAY, lots of goals bein' met! WTG! I have a few quilts I'll be gettin' off to you soon.

Jackie Dudek said...

I recieved n amazing letter from one of the WWII veterans who was given a quilt that I had made. It was the most heartfelt letter I had ever read, and brought me close to tears. Thanks for collecting these quilts and giving them out Alycia.

Jackie Dudek

JustPam said...

I just received a letter from the WWII vet who received my quilt. I feel so honored to have been able to make this simple gift as a token of appreciation for all they have sacrificed for us.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to distribute the quilts.

Pam Crane