Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quilters Accountability Week 4

I am getting there! - I realize I only have a few days left to reach my goals - so I hope you are sending me some good wishes!!
Welcome to Quilt of Valor's number 10, 11 and 12.
Number 10 and 11 were both made by Agnes in NJ. Through the internet I have met a wonderful lady who has helped this Quilt of Valor project in more ways that you can imagine. With Fabrics, Quilt tops, Quilts and encouragment. And then she introduced me to her sister.... and now she has introduced me to Agnes - she is their MOM! She is totally getting everyone involved around her. I LOVE it! So thank you Agnes. These tops ( well quilts now) are just wonderful!

Quilt of Valor 12 was made by Sheree of the famous Heartstring quilters. Sheree has generously made backings for many quilters out of fabrics sent to her. Well I sent her this panel - not having a clue what she could do with it, and it came back as a QOV AND it had a backing to go with it!!
My goal is 15 - so I shall get to quilting tomorrow, and ignore the world. This week has been a little busy, and one of my friends was saying how she just gets tired of going everywhere. I was agreeing and then I realized - the more time I spend away from home, the less I can get done. Which means I should buckle down right?
I have been very lucky this month to not have customer quilts. I LOVE Customer quilts - but my gift to myself was to take a month off, and just play. One to relax a little with the schedule, two to learn some new quilting techniques, and Three - a vacation. But my vacation comes to an end here shortly. Monday I must go back to the real world - so I must buckle down. And thank goodness I have a few customer quilts - no one deserted me!
Oh - and I got all my days of exercise in, and meals planned. I made this Potato Soup and I think we are in love. There was actually a fight over the leftovers!! So my advice to you -make it, and then go sew!!
Then go over to Bari' s and see how everyone else is doing on their accountability.


Julianne said...

I admire the work that you do.

Nancy said...

Delighted to hear that you took a break and recharged. That is more important that people realize.

Once more, the quilts are lovely. Nice job to everyone involved.

Lori said...

The quilts are lovely and I am always cheering you on!!

I am going to try that soup.

Mary Johnson said...

You're doing great! I've been playing with knitting socks when I should be quilting but I didn't set any goals this month so I can't fail!

Andee said...

Is there anyway you could put me in touch with Agnes of NJ..the gal that made the eagle QOV? I need to make three or four memory quilts from my dad's clothing and I wanted to incorportate an eagle panel and this quilt would be perfect! I wondered if she used a pattern or if she would share the sizes of things as I am awful at figuring that out. Beautiful quilt, some veteran is lucky to get that one!