Monday, January 18, 2010


Rebecca ( from Maine) in my Heartstrings Group has been busy busy busy!! This month is Pillowcase project month. And I so appreciate that pillowcases that come this way. They will be used to put Quilts of Valor in, and given to the soldiers.
I love these colors Rebecca- All 15 of them!!! - they are wonderful pillowcases! Thank you SO much.
Also - if you are looking for some fabrics - head on over to Knots and Bolts
She is having a huge clearance sale. You never know what you might need!


marilyn said...

My daughter and I worked on pillowcases today. I cut and she did all of the sewing. We got 4 completely done and they turned out so cute! They will be coming your way once the flat rate box is stuffed to the brim. What a great way to celebrate the freedom our soldiers give us on a day off of school.

Denise said...

thanks for the tip on the sale at knotsandbolts! not that I *needed* anything, but I took advantage of the sale. great prices!!