Friday, January 22, 2010

Quilted by Pat but from a long way away

My dear friend Pat R quilted these Quilts of Valor. She did an awesome job. I was quite impressed that she even found the time to quilt them, as she has been having some serious health issues lately.
This first quilt came a long way from home to go to a Colorado soldier. It came from St. Croix - and was made by Carolyn R. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a quilt - they have an opportunity to go to some cool places!

This next quilt didn't have as far to go - but it is just as wonderful. It was made by Laurel in Ft Collins. Funny story - she quilted with my mom's sewing group 2 years ago making some Quilts of Valor, then she stopped going. I was doing a quilt show in Loveland -promoting QOV and she stopped by the booth. She says "well a while ago I sewed with this group in the mountains. Real nice lady ran it. "( good thing she said nice) I let her know that was my mom.
So she went back home and made this top.
Thanks Pat for all your quilting! I sure appreciate it. Have a good weekend - I am going to desperately try to finish clue 3 of the carolina christmas mystery quilt....


Nancy said...

These two quilts are lovely, and it was great to hear the stories behind them.

Helen in the UK said...

The quilts you are sent for QOV are all great .... but I REALLY love the blue squares quilt. Those 2 red squares and the red inner border add such a quirky touch :)