Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Collections and Stash Acquistions

First off - I am feeling better about my lack of blog posting last week. I asked my husband what happened... and he reminded me of how I spent my time. Thursday I got to quilt and get groceries. That is a monumental task sometimes!
But Friday - Friday makes me feel really good. Our tank heaters in the water tanks had froze up in the extreme cold, and one water spout had froze. So I spent the better part of the morning chopping ice, and heating up the water spout so I could fill the tanks. Then I had bought myself a present, and I had to set that up. I didn't take a picture because althought the present was exciting to me and Smokey it probably wouldn't be so exciting to have a picture taken.... what was is you ask? A heated water bucket for my dog! And that led me to 3pm which led to kids, drum lessons, dinner and swim practice, 2nd dinner ( for the boys) and bed!

So now that I feel justified - are you still reading?
Yesterday I acquired some more items for one of my collections. And it got me to thinking about stash, acquiring stash, collections and acquiring items. Do you think that it is genetic? Or do you think that it is learned? My Mom was telling the boys about my ability to make collections out of completely useless things when I was a kid - and I notice my boys can do that too.
But I have continued collecting. I had a collection of Quilt magazines that I have recently started to share.. ( read give away) Fabric has been my collections of choice lately. But I do have a third collection much to Wrangler Mans dismay ( tee hee)
So my questions - do you have other collection besides a main one? Are they hobbys? Or work related? What is it that makes you go - I want that! And If you can guess what I acquired for the collection in question... I will send you a really cool little Quilt of Valor pin that we had made up. Just make sure I have a way to contact you.
And the pictures - these are Chubby Puppy at 5 weeks. I think she grew out of her chub, she sure got tall and is a little wild woman!
Off to work....


Nancy said...

I am a packrat: I inherited that trait from my mother, but I am slowly thinning my collections. I sold nearly all of my Hallmark miniatures on ebay, I sold most of my counted cross-stitch books at a yard sale, and I give away my unwanted quilting and knitting books to my friends or take them to the library magazine share cart.

heather said...

Other than craft stuff I don't have much in the way of collections. I can't stand the clutter.

Cute puppy pics!

Anonymous said...

That's easy! You got another horse! LOL

That is what I would collect anyway, other than quilt stuff. Well, maybe old bits and bridles, and spurs and spur straps.

How about rocks and old keys and odd type coins? I have collections of all that stuff squirreled away! LOL


Lori in South Dakota said...

The 3rd collection--hmm! I collect tack, bits, and of course horses. Although with hay prices that collection has been trimmed in the past few years! I love to collect old sewing machines and old dishes. Yes, a packrat lives here with ANOTHER PACKRAT, who collects old farming magazines and newspapers!

omashee aka Barb said...

Alycia, Love the puppy! She's too cute!
I can make a collection out of anything! The worst is probably my fabric (and I'm finding more everywhere that I don't remember hiding away)! Next would be my cross stitch stuff; charts, floss and fabrics. My latest is antique spools. I found some beauties down South and now am looking everywhere for them. Then there are buttons and magazines and more. Dh doesn't know the half of it! In my defence, he's a packrat too!
Oh! Oh! I NEED a QOV pin!

omashee aka Barb said...

Did I mention I have a huge collection of pins but my prized ones are from quilt shops and hops.
I've got magnets too!
Oh stop!

JuJu said...

Hmmm .... I'm going to vote that your 3rd collection is ... Horses!!

Anonymous said...
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Quilter Kathy said...

You new puppy is adorable...they take a lot of time and effort too!