Monday, February 08, 2010

Quilted by Deb

Deb B in Ohio quilted these Quilts of Valor for us. The first one - the string one - was made by the 5th graders. The blocks came from many quilters and they put them together as they were learning to sew straight lines. I think they did pretty good!
The Second Quilt comes from Marilyn at northhillsquilter made for us. Thank Deb for Quilting them...two more ready to bind (yay)
Did you all have a good SuperBowl? We invited some friends over and ate, and ate, and ate - and watched a little football too. It was fun. But I feel like my catch up day just dissappeared.... I forget how much catching up/preparing for the next week you do on Sundays.

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Loretta said...

Beautiful quilts.
We had a wonderful Super Bowl because our Saints won and the party is still going on in Louisiana, especially New Orleans. The Champions Parade lasted over 4 hours last night, and our local TV stations pre-empted everything and televised it.
Geaux Saints!!