Monday, February 22, 2010

From Miracles

These are a few more of the quilts that the Miracles Group in Denver made. They were quilted by Linda in Colorado. Thank you for the help Linda - you all have no idea how much it helps to have some tops quilted!

Plus it is fun to see what other quilters will put on a quilt top to make it sing.
I know some of you are still watching and waiting to see your quilt tops - please be patient with me, and all the volunteers that are helping quilt these Quilts of Valor. I have been completely blessed to have such great help in covering our wounded soldiers - but there are only so many hours in a day, and I, as well as other longarmers, actually do this for a business. We are putting these wonderful tributes in between customer quilts.
This last summer I had one quilter who presented me with * 100 * quilt tops for the QOV program. It is and was amazing - but that's a lot of tops. ( and notice that no backings came with them, so I have been making them) .
**PS. Over 75 of these quilts have been quilted - I just wanted you to know that the numbers have been awesome, totally awesome! **
Hopefully knowing that there are more quilts to be quilted will keep you coming back and checking out my blog, maybe getting ideas, and inspiration for quilts along the way.


Anonymous said...

Those quilts are lovely.

What a wonderful gift...and huge!

Kathie said...

Beautiful quilts and glad you mentioned about the time it takes to quilt the tops. Sometimes people don't realize that if a longarm quilter can manage to get 2 or 3 a month done between customer quilts it is a great accomplishment.

kathie L.