Thursday, February 04, 2010

From Elsie and Lois

I have a Sweet Friend south of me who lost her son in Iraq. She has been a BIG supporter of this project to me. Always there to talk to, run ideas by, and just be a friend.
She also happens to be a Long Arm Quilter - so you know how else she gets to help right? *Grin*
One of her customers is Elsie. Elsie is in her late 70's, almost 80's and is a wonderful piecer. So the Two ladies corroborated on these beautiful Quilts of Valor!
Thanks Ladies!!
On a not quilty note - anyone have a good recipe for Baked Ziti? We have tried a few off of the internet and they are 'okay'. If I am going to cook I want wonderful! And Ziti seems to appeal to my children. We had it tonite, and I doubled the batch. Then froze one of them. In my head this means that I have one night of dinner premade for those crazy nights..... as long as I don't forget it is in the freezer. So if you have a recipe I should try - pass it on.


Sherrill said...

No recipe for ziti but I made the EASIEST soup last night. It's just 8 cans all dumped together and was GOOD! 1 can chili w/ beans, 1 can w/out, can corn, diced tomatoes, Veg-All, potatoes, okra and 1 can vegetarian vegetable soup! YUMMY and good on a chilly rainy night.

Beth said...

no baked ziti...but I DO have a recipe for no boil manicotti I will be glad to share if you would like. I never had them the boil-then-stuff way. My sweet MIL did them this way...and do I!

the writer said...

What cool quilts! Are they the same pattern? They look a little similar but not exactly the same.

I don't cook. . .my DH does so I can't help with the recipe question, sorry.

Anonymous said...
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quiltjls said...

Hi Alycia,
I've been reading your blog for a while now and am so impressed with your energy for QOV and you are one terrific mother!! Would love to help with your baked ziti dilemma, but it's hard to know what to recommend to you when we don't know what was just OK about the other recipe. Not enough flavor?, wrong kind of cheese?, noodles too soft and squishy?
Well, here is a link to one I would try. But I would probably use spaghetti sauce instead of the whole tomatoes as I like the sauce flavor better.
Let us know what you think!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I layer mine with favorite speghetti sauce and mozz. cheese so it is like a lasagna (2 layers) and bake it until it is heated through and the cheese is melted. I make my own sauce to my taste and we always enjoy this dish. You don't have to toss the ziti in the sauce - just layer it into the pan. Cheers! Evelyn